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About Us

Our goal, since opening our doors in 2008, was to be to help enhance any positive life moment an individual experiences through wine. We believe wine is a key component that brings friends, family, love ones, and ourselves to a place where we can unwind, enjoy, and embrace the present moment. We are hoping to serve the Uptown community by being a safe haven for good wine, good conversation, and an overall good experience.


We take pride in the following areas:

  • Selection
  • Staff
  • Service

We are a one-stop wine and spirits shop that has anything you can think of. If we don’t have it, we will make sure it’s something we can provide you at a later date.

We hope to always leave the customer with a smile on its face. Whether it’s a nice conversation, or being able to assist finding that “perfect” bottle, we take pride in being apart of this great community.


We are constantly trying to innovate and add value to the customer. Whether providing tastings on a regular basis Thursday-Saturday; Doing larger tastings once a month at the shop; Being able to get wine to your door within 1 hour or less; being able to provide fun promotions and discounts, we are always thinking about how we can better serve you.


We hope you become a Columbia Wine Co community member.